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Transforming Lives Through Trekking

May 13, 2022

Group Operations Manager of boatpoint, Andy Hyland, is trekking to Everest Base Camp in October 2022 hoping to raise an impressive £2,000 for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASF).

Follow Andy's training as we see him take on this incredible challenge of a lifetime.

A keen sailor all his life, Andy is taking on this challenge in the hope that it will inspire and enable even more young people to get out on the water.

“Sailing has not just been my hobby, it has been my passion, my profession, and my life”, says Andy. “By raising funds for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, I hope at least one other person gets the lifelong satisfaction and enjoyment I’ve had in my 55 years of sailing”

Walking to Everest Base Camp will be a big challenge for Andy. “I will be 62 in October 2022, so probably well above the average age of people doing this trek! In total the trek is 130KM long. However, altitude sickness is probably the biggest risk and can affect anyone no matter their age, gender, or fitness levels”.

To help him prepare for his challenge, Andy will be training on the South Downs, Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia, hoping to improve his fitness levels and simply get stronger (which he also hopes will improve his sailing performance as well!).

The boatfolk family will be supporting Andy on his training and fundraising journey, sharing updates over the coming months, and cheering him on as he reaches Everest Base Camp!


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"Absolutely everything we do is driven by our belief that all young people have the ability to excel and succeed in life and work. We believe that the challenges of Sailing and Watersports do this by promoting health and well-being and building essential personal skills."