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Your Quarken journey starts here

Mar 04, 2022

boatpoint is proud to introduce a superior new boat brand Quarken

This contemporary Scandinavian brand is pushing forward marine technology demonstrating through outstanding craftsmanship - the art of Nordic boats.

The boatyard's 27 feet range includes three distinctive models: the Open version will offer best-in-class open-air thrills, a T-Top with a solid GRP roof for shade and weather protection, and an all-weather Cabin commuter which is still in-build at the time of writing this post...

27 Open

Quarken 27 Open

27 T Top

Quarken 27 T Top

Each boat seamlessly combines innovative solutions and modularity for best-in-class functionality and practical living onboard.

Development and building are taking place for the full range now. The Quarken 27 range will be available for viewings with boatpoint from May 2022.

All Quarken boats will be powered by the newest Yamaha outboard engines.

The Quarken and Yamaha partnership is a promise of a superior customer experience, where the boats are designed from the ground to specifically suit Yamaha outboard engines.

This will guarantee an ultimate driving experience and reliable performance in all conditions. All engines will be installed at the factory in Finland.