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Repairs & Maintenance

We know that your leisure time is precious and there’s never quite enough of it.


Operating in association with boatfolk, boatcare is helping you to simplify and better coordinate your vessel’s maintenance and repairs. Speak with one of our Service Managers and we do the rest. Keeping you fully informed along the way of progress and any unforeseen costs, we will do our utmost to provide you with the service you require at a cost that fits your budget. For you, it means no more multitasking with different contractors but a genuine one-stop shop.

boatcare by boatfolk

NV Equipment

Boatpoint are suppliers of NV equipment who design and develop a fantastic range of equipment to keep you, your boat, and your onboard material looking great, whatever the season. For more than 40 years, NV Equipment has been supporting boaters by providing protection and comfort onboard, whatever the boat trip.

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