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Pegazus 300

3 Person recreational and fishing boat

Pegazus 300 is a recreational and fishing boat for 3 people. It has a double hull construction with an internal buoyancy tank which makes this boat unsinkable when undamaged. Leaving this boat unattended during rainy days is not a problem because of a smart gravitational water draining system that pumps out the water from the deck by itself. High freeboard and width make this boat more stable and safe to use. Instead of hard to clean typical lockers we came up with the idea of making a space for 3 plastic buckets. Fishermen really like this solution because they can prepare the fishing bait at home and bring it to the boat with a bucket. Then they can put all the caught fishes into the same bucket and bring them in it back home.


Design category:D

Weight:95 kg

Max load:260 kg

Max engine:3,7 kW / 5 HP

Transom length:(L) Long

Max crew:3 people

Length:3,1 m


Draft:around 10 cm

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