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Pegazus 380

Great looking, durable and safe construction

PEGAZUS 380 is a great boat for fishing and leisure. It has a double hull construction with an internal buoyancy tank which makes this boat unsinkable when undamaged. On the front and rear part of the boat there are two waterproof and lockable storages. The middle bench has a possibility to be removed to create a big sunbathing place. There are also 4 cup holders made in elegant plexi glass endings. The construction of Pegazus 380 enables it to gravitationally drain the water from the deck. This feature ensures that when you leave the boat unattended during rainy weather, it won’t be full of water when you come back. Pegazus 380 has an option to equip it with a steering console which turns this boat into a small motor boat with a maximum of 25 HP engine. It is a perfect boat for those who seek a great looking, durable and safe construction for family cruises or fishing adventures.


Design category:D

Weight:95 kg

Max load:260 kg

Max engine:3,7 kW / 5 HP

Transom length:(L) Long

Max crew:3 people

Length:3,1 m


Draft:around 10 cm

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