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Pegazus 460

Fast and fun to drive

PEGAZUS 460 is a great boat for day cruises on lakes and near coast sea waters. This boat even with an engine of 40 HP is very dynamic and starts planing quickly. It is fast and fun to drive being safe and stable at the same time. Experience from ride is greatly enhanced by favorite music from mounted waterproof audio system. Large front lounge after unfolding becomes a comfortable sunbed and when you seek some shadow during sunny day you can open an unfoldable rooftop. Pegazus 460 is easy to transport due to it’s size and weight making it a great choice for those who want to take a boat with them when travelling all around the Europe.


Design category:C

Weight:360 kg

Max load:520 kg

Max engine:75 HP

Transom length:(L) Long

Length:4,60 m

Width:2 m


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