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Pegazus 560 Top Fisher

Dedicated for Fishing

PEGAZUS 560 Top Fisher is a pilothouse type motorboat. It is dedicated mostly for fishing but it can serve as a great recreational boat as well. The boat is performing very well on water. It has a very high stability due to its substantial width (2,54m!) and the hull shape with elongated rear gives it ability to get it into planing faster and enables the user to load it with immense 930 kg of equipment and crew. Front windshield had been made out of glass so we could install wipers. There is also an optional heating system with outlets on the front windshield increasing visibility. In the cabin there’s enough space for a fridge and small cooker. There’s also a sleeping space for 2-3 people. Whole cabin is closed by 3-part sliding doors with a lock.

PEGAZUS 560 Top Fisher is designed for trolling sea fishing. It has 6 rod holders on the rooftop with guides and reels necessary to make a proper planer trolling system. It also has another 6 rod holders in the rear part of the boat, so after equipping the boat with 2 downrigger reels we can create another trolling system for 6 rods. That gives a total of 12 fishing rods in trolling system at the same time which can satisfy even the most demanding Fishermen. After catching a big fish you can store it in a special compartment below the deck which can be filled with cold water or ice. There are 2 separate fish tanks (100 l capacity each), easy to clean due to deck washing system and a bilge pump taking out the water from the tank in a matter of seconds. In the rear part there’s also a storage for life bait with water circulation system. PEGAZUS 560 is very convenient in transport due to it’s size good enough for typical boat trailer. It gives an immense opportunity to take a boat wherever you desire.


Design category:C

Weight:890 kg

Max load:930 kg

Max engine:110k kw / 150 hp

Max crew:6 people

Hull lenght:5,40 m

Lenght overall:5,6 m



Draft:0,35 m

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