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Pegazus 605

Optional hardtop

PEGAZUS 605 is a central console/walkaround day cruiser. It’s unique solutions make this boat a great combination of boat for leisure and fishing. We’ve achieved a high stability of this new boat due to wide hull and additional strengthening which made hull more silent and heavier. Due to that we are able to take 8 people crew on board which is putting this boat ahead of the competition. The deck layout combines solutions both for fishermen and casual users. We’ve managed to make a lot of space all around the table in the rear part, a sunbed on the front and big enough space in console to fit a toilet inside. Recommended engine is 115 HP. Due to big capacity of the boat we went into an engine and 4 blade propeller that gave us high thrust (boat glides in 3 seconds) but still a good top speed of around 68 km/h. We’ve also created an optional HARDTOP on the stainless steel frame.


Design category:C

Weight:950 kg

Max load:660 kg

Max engine:110 kw / 150 kM

Max crew:8 people

Hull lenght:5,40 m

Lenght overall:6,05 m

Width:2,54 m

Height:2,00 m

Draft:0,35 m

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