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Uncompromising attitude towards the quality of work, close cooperation with Yamaha and understanding our customers' needs. These are the starting points for the success story of Yamarin boats. During the past 40 years Yamarin has become one of the most distinguished boat brands in the Nordic countries. Yamarin boats have been built since 1972 and nowadays there are more than 70 000 Yamarin boats cruising around the world.

Day Cruiser

The Day Cruiser range is built to high quality, consisting of a bow cabin, fantastic overall look and fine details. Yamarin Day Cruiser is a perfect choice for day cruises and other trips

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Bow Rider

Fun, trendy, high-performing open boat with fantastic handling. Boat intended for fast water sports and day trips. The Bow Riders are sturdy boats, whose practicality and safety make for great memories

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The Console open boats are ideal for beginners and experienced boaters alike. The Console model open boats are suited to short-distance travel and day cruises to fishing.

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