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Ryd's – a vision of modern boating

Nov 23, 2023

Back in 2012, Ryds reimagined the long legacy of building boats, going way back to 1968. Better known for manufacturing quality boats, the brand was set on giving both the manufacturing process and boat designs a modern facelift. The goal is to craft boats that shout modernity while keeping families safe and considering impact on the environment. This means their boats are all about sophisticated designs, smart solutions, and a legacy of quality. Plus, like us, they care a whole lot about the environment, both in how the boats are made and what they're like when they're finished.

Putting Quality, Safety, and the Environment First

We're all about building boats that don't mess up the planet, which is why we chose to partner with Ryds as an exclusive dealer here in the UK. So, how Ryds build boats, what materials they use, and how they shape the hulls—all that enthusiasm is about lessening the environmental footprint. Ryds go for lightweight yet super strong hulls because it's not just about seafaring safely; it's also about needing less engine power, which means lower emissions and cheaper fuel costs.

"We're convinced that a modern boat should not only look streamlined but also be made with first-rate materials and have smart solutions that'll wow the future boating community."

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