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Jess Olden

Yacht Broker & Assistant Marina Manager East Cowes Marina

I first joined the boatfolk group in 2012 as an Assistant Marina Manager, and now I have a dual role as a Yacht Broker for boatpoint while continuing to support our berth holders at the East Cowes marina. When I'm not working, I love to sail and compete in competitions, and I have experience teaching water sports at the UK Sailing Academy and instructing windsurfing and sailing in New Zealand. Currently, I'm a Yacht Broker for boatpoint and an Assistant Marina Manager at boatfolk East Cowes Marina, and my passion lies in making sure our berth holders feel welcome and supported in our community. In my free time, I enjoy biking around the Isle of Wight and sailing.

Contact Jess on 01983 722 498 or email at

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