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Elan Yachts

A new generation of yachts offering a perfect balance between performance, comfort, easy handling and safety without compromise.

Rich in history

Elan Yachts are some of the most competitive sailing yachts available today. Benefiting from “Humphreys Yacht Design” Volvo Ocean Race 70 yacht designs. Elan inherits many features from these ultimate racing machines such as twin rudders, T-shaped performance keel, chined hull for minimum drag and the latest 3D VAIL infusion technology. With state of the art deck equipment positioned for the optimum performance and a fine tuned sail plan, every Elan Yacht offers a superb sailing experience.

The global elite

Elan is a global producer and supplier of sports and leisure time activities equipment with its origins in Slovenia. The company, established in 1945, has a proud long history in the market. All Elan’s enterprises are devoted to technical development of products and progressive design through innovative approach and advanced technology. The combination of these elements provides the ultimate sporting pleasure to our customers around the world.


Based on Elan’s signature performance-orientated boat building heritage, the E Line ensures high-performance sailing and impeccable cruising capabilities both on deck and below.

A broad stern, chined hull and twin rudders deliver control and stability at high heel angles and speeds, while the airy, well-equipped galley, social saloon and remarkable array of top-of-the-line deck equipment enable extraordinary comfort and short-handed sailing solutions.


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E6 - new*

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Impression Line

These stunning yachts have been designed with every cruising comfort in mind. The on-deck systems allow for easy sailing especially for “short-handed” cruising while giving the space and comfort that you might only expect from a much larger yacht both above and below decks.

Welcome to the world of Impression Yachts – what’s your Impression?

Impression 40.1

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Impression 45.1

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Impression 50.1

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GT Line

Gran Turismo spirit to sailing yachts, combining luxurious comfort with sporty performance.

The GT Line takes the very best design and construction techniques from Elan’s award-winning performance yachts, harmonised with benefits of larger deck saloon yachts. The result is a truly elegant, yet fast cruising yacht.

Gran Turismo GT5

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Gran Turismo GT6

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