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boatpoint launches new boat partnership scheme

Jul 11, 2024

Brand new for summer 2024, we are excited to launch the boatpoint partner scheme for ambassadors of our much-loved boat brands.

The boatpoint partner scheme allows new boat buyers the opportunity to secure their brand new vessel at a significant reduction on the published price, plus free berthing, in return for pre-agreed access to the boat for exhibition and demonstration purposes by the boatpoint team.

The scheme is designed for enthusiasts of our boat brand partners to act as ambassadors for their boat and to enjoy significant cost savings in return for their continued support.

Available on new models for leading brands, including Jeanneau, Quarken, Ryds, Elan and Sasga, boatpoint partners will become part of the boatfolk community and will benefit from all that this includes, from discounted boatcare support to exclusive invites to events and activities throughout the year.

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Which boat can I choose?

Quarken 35 Cabin

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Elan Impression 43

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Ryds 735 VI

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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 350

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Sasga Menorquin

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Elan E-line

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So, what are the benefits?

1. Discounted New Boat: One of the primary benefits for our boatpoint partners is the opportunity to purchase a brand-new boat at a discounted price. This can result in significant cost savings compared to buying a new boat at the regular retail price.

2. Free Berthing for 2 Years: Another advantage for the owner is the provision of free berthing at a boatfolk marina for a period of 2 years. Berthing fees can be expensive, especially in popular marinas or prime locations. By receiving free berthing, you can save a substantial amount of money during the partnership period.

3. Free Engine Servicing for 2 Years: boatpoint will provide 2 years free engine servicing. By receiving free engine servicing, you can save a substantial amount of money during the partnership period.

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