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Why is a survey necessary?

Nov 24, 2023

Whether you're in the process of purchasing a boat or already own one, comprehending its current state is crucial. Your pre-owned boat may have underlying issues that necessitate attention, and an independent inspection before or after initiating repairs or enhancements could be beneficial.

A surveyor evaluates a boat's condition to assist you in determining its suitability for purchase, considering factors such as project potential or immediate readiness for family sailing. The resulting detailed report focuses on structural aspects rather than cosmetic elements, offering an independent assessment. It's important to not this is not intended as a negotiating tool, however significant defects could prompt price adjustments or pre-purchase repairs.

Utilising specialised equipment, the surveyor may uncover undisclosed faults, aiding the buyer in addressing defects or making appropriate allowances. The comprehensive report they provide includes craft details, inspection scope, findings, and graded recommendations for necessary actions, prioritising safety or seasonal considerations.

A pre-purchase survey is valuable for insurance or financing purposes. Even if skipped, an insurance survey might still be necessary, making a survey advisable to cover all contingencies.

As a nationwide broker, we recommend various professional inspections from boat surveyors around the country who are tailored to your specific needs.

Understand the basics

Engaging a professional surveyor for your own survey could assist you in:

  • Determining whether to proceed with a used boat purchase or opt-out
  • Fulfilling insurance prerequisites
  • Making decisions about retaining or selling your boat
  • Planning ahead for maintenance requirements
  • Avoiding unforeseen expenses and inconveniences

What kind of a survey is available?

  • Comprehensive Condition Inspection (Out of Water)
  • Hull Assessment (Out of Water)
  • Insurance Evaluation (Out of Water)
  • Valuation Certification (In Water)
  • Remote Viewing (In Water)

Don't forget to consult your nearby boatpoint broker for insights, local recommendations and assistance regarding surveying your boat. Our team of experienced brokers will be happy to direct you towards the most suitable path for you and your family.

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